Have you ever wanted to challenge your friends to see who is better?
Come try out 7XL’s new Prop Bets
and wager with friends or strangers alike to see who is the best!







Prop Bets are separate from the tournament prize pool
as a way for players to create additional incentives for themselves and their friends.
There are No Fees for Prop Bets.


What is ELO Challenge?​

ELO Challenge Prop Bets offer an engaging and competitive way for players to test their skills and strategic prowess based on Spin & Gold’s ELO Rating System.​

Participants can create or join these challenges, setting targets and timeframes to grow their ELO ratings and potentially win big.


Engaging in an ELO Challenge Prop Bet serves as a motivating tool for players, encouraging them to enhance their ELO ratings and poker abilities.


ELO Challenge Prop Bets can be found in the Prop Bet Menu or in the Spin & Gold Lobby.

How to Register?

Participating in an ELO Challenge is a straightforward process.

Creating a Challenge:

  • Choose between Single Challenge or involve multiple Bettors.
  • Set the challenge duration in 1-hour increments with a minimum of 1 day.
  • The start time aligns with the hour, with up to 7 days of scheduling.
  • Personalize your challenge by inputting your desired target rating.

Bettor Selection:
When creating your challenge, determine the number of participants; whether you prefer a solo challenge or want to engage with others.

Host Deposit:
Hosts are required to make an initial deposit based on the number of Bettors and the Bet Amount.

How to Win an ELO Challenge?

Starting a Challenge:

To kick off the challenge, the ELO Challenge begins at the set time, as scheduled by the Host. If the Host initiates the challenge with Bettors, the host can choose to forfeit after a designated time.​

As the challenge progresses, ELO Ratings are influenced by game results. ELO Rating changes are visible to all participants, providing real-time insights into the competition.

Challenge Conclusion:
The challenge concludes based on the following outcomes:

  • Host Win — If the Host hits the target ELO Rating, they win.
  • Bettor Win — If the Host falls short of the target, Bettors emerge victorious.
  • Host Forfeit — The Host can quit the challenge, leading to Bettors winning.

Additional Information

Challenge Cancellation and Forfeiting:

  • Hosts and operators can cancel challenges before they commence.
  • After the start of a challenge, cancelation by the host will result in a loss for the host.
  • Refunds for canceled challenges will be determined based on our standard T&C

History Tracking: Prior to the start, the Host’s 10 most recent games are visible. Once the challenge starts, all games played during the challenge are additionally visible.

Maintenance Extension: Challenges may be extended due to server maintenance, and challenges commencing during maintenance will be canceled.

Unregistering and Canceling

Valid Games:

  • Games ending after the challenge starts are considered valid.
  • Games that start during the challenge but end after its conclusion are not valid.


What is Bankroll Challenge?

Bankroll Challenge Prop Bets are a fun way for players to challenge each other or themselves to see how well they can perform over a period of time at building their bankroll.

Creating or joining in Bankroll Challenge Prop Bets is a way for players to track their progress and provide motivation to grow both their bankroll and their poker skill!

If the host manages to achieve the target amount in the set period of time, the host wins the Prop Bet. Otherwise, the bettors win the Prop Bet.​ Profits gained will be added towards the goal, and the losses will be deducted from the current amount.

Bankroll Challenge Prop Bets can be found in the Prop Bet Menu.

How to Register?

To participate in a Bankroll Challenge Prop Bet, You can join or create a Bankroll Challenge Prop Bet from the Prop Bet Menu.

Bankroll Challenge is available for the following game types:


  • Spin & Gold
  • Battle Royale
  • Flip & Go
  • AoF Sit & Go
  • Tournaments

Cash Games

  • Hold’em
  • PLO / PLO-5
  • AoF (Hold’em/Omaha)
  • Short Deck
  • Rush & Cash (Hold’em/Omaha)
  • VIP Games

Game Types

Players can choose to challenge other players to a Bankroll Challenge or they can play against themselves.

Single Mode

  • This is created when the host enters 0 as the number of bettors.
  • No bets will be placed, thus no prizes will be provided upon completion of the challenge.

Bet Mode

  • Host can set the number of bettor(s) that can bet against the host’s challenge.
  • If a host creates a Bet Mode but no bettors join, the bet amount deposited by the host will automatically be refunded, and the bet will change to a Single Mode.
  • If the number of bettors are not matched with the number of bettors set during the prop bet creation, the bet amount deposited for the difference of the number of bettors will be refunded.

What are the Payouts?

When creating the challenge, the host sets the challenge goal, start time, end time, the applied games, number of bettors, bet amount, and markup. The host is required to make a deposit to create the Prop Bet. Depending on the result of the challenge, the winnings are distributed as follows:

Host Wins the Challenge

  • All money bet by the bettors will be won by the host​, along with the host’s deposited amount.

Host Loses the Challenge

  • All money deposited by the host will be won by the bettor​s, along with the amount paid by the bettors.
  • If there are more than 1 bettor, the deposited money will be awarded evenly to all the bettors.

Are Other Profits Included?

Profits you gain all across 7XL can also apply to your Bankroll Challenge, not just the pots you win at the tables.

Profits gained from the following features are included in Bankroll Challenge:

  • ​GGCheers & GGCare
  • Honeymoon
  • Bad Beat Jackpot
  • AoF Jackpot
  • Bounty Jackpot
  • Red Envelope / Cash Drop
  • All-In Fortune
  • Leaderboards

Profits gained from the following features are excluded from Bankroll Challenge:

  • ​Bet on Flop
  • Next Hand Roulette
  • Staking
  • Spin & Gold Insurance
  • Prop Bets

However, for Jackpots, only those that occur in the configured blinds of Bankroll Challenge will apply.​ Profits include both C$ and T$. Unclaimed Fish Buffet rewards earned before the start of your challenge will not count as your challenge profit.


What is Last Longer?

Last Longer Prop Bets can add an extra layer of competition and intensity to the game, as players strive to outlast each other in the tournament.


Participating in Last Longer Prop Bets can be a fun way for friends or colleagues to compete against each other in a friendly and exciting environment and a great way to make the most of your poker tournaments.


Last Longer Prop Bets can be found in the Prop Bet Menu or in the Tournament Lobby.

How to Register?

To participate in a Last Longer Prop Bet, first, register for a tournament that has not yet begun. Once registered, you can join or create a Last Longer Prop Bet from the Prop Bet Menu or directly in the Tournament Lobby.

Last Longer is available for the following tournaments:

  • Featured Tournaments
  • Signature Tournaments
  • Standard Tournaments
  • Battle Royale
  • AoF Sit & Go

What are the Payouts?

The Payout of the Last Longer Prop Bet depends on how the winnings are paid out. You can choose how the prizes are split to win the payout before betting begins.

There are several types of payouts available:

  • Winner Takes All — The last person remaining wins 100% of the prize money when everyone else is eliminated.
  • Payout x% — The last x% of participants split the prize money.
    • ​Standard — Standard tournament distribution
    • Top Heavy — First place gets the largest share
    • Even — Prize is divided evenly among an amount of players

Finishing the Bet

Bet payouts will be distributed at the conclusion of the Prop Bet, when all places have been decided.

Unregistering and Canceling

When creating or joining a Last Longer Prop Bet, make sure you are aware of the payout structure and the minimum number of participants required to avoid any confusion.

  • You can cancel the Last Longer or unregister before the tournament begins
  • If the minimum number of participants is not met, the Last Longer will be canceled​
  • If the Last Longer is canceled after it has started, the winnings will be divided by the remaining players except for the dropout

Stay tuned, more prop bets are coming.
Please check the knowledge base for more information.

Terms & Conditions

  • Players must be aged 18 and above to participate in this promotion.
  • The promotion terms and conditions are subject to the site terms and conditions, which can be found here.
  • If any players fall under suspicion of fraudulent activity, 7XL has the right to investigate and remove the players.
  • 7XL reserves the right to modify or suspend the promotion at any time.
  • 7XL standard rules apply.

Play Responsibly.