Chance to receive Up to 50% Cashback for 100 days

Upgrade to Killer Whale for FREE between Jan 15 ~ Feb 14 (PST)

How to

Step 1

Sign-up & Log-in

Step 2

Click on the Fish Buffet icon

Step 3

Click on the “Upgrade to Killer Whale” button

Fish Buffet Ranks

  • Collect required points within the time limit to rank up
  • Once done, you can spin the wheel and collect your reward in ‘My Fish Buffet’
  • Unopened wheel spins will automatically be opened after 30 days and credited to your account
  • If you fail to collect the required points within the time limit, you will receive a reward equivalent to 10% FB return for the points you have collected. Your rank will be demoted to the previous rank
  • You can always switch to a lower Platinum Rank to receive a weekly cashback- more information below

Collecting Fish Buffet Points (FP)


On average, players will be rewarded 100 FP for every $1 paid in rake and fees. This value may vary based on a variety of factors, such as but not limited to, game type or tournament played, player behavior at tables, and deposit history.


Fish Buffet points will be collected at the point of wagering. For more information on earn rates per game type, click here.

Platinum Ranks

  • Receive weekly fixed cashback- No more spins and time limits.
  • Move back and forth between Fish ranks and Platinum ranks.
  • Platinum ranks are maintained for a year and require certain points for renewal.

Weekly Fixed Cashback

  • Every Monday, you will receive a reward for the FPs you have collected as a Platinum Rank for the previous week
  • You have to click on the “Collect” button within the Platinum tab for your rewards to be credited to your wallet
  • Uncollected rewards will continue to accumulate each week

Promoting and Maintaining your Platinum Rank

  • If you fail to collect the required points in one year, your rank will drop down to a lower Platinum Rank. (e.g. Platinum Whale will drop down to Platinum Octopus)

Switch to Platinum Rank anytime

  • You can switch to a Platinum Rank of a lower level/rank.
    • All Octopus, Crab, Shrimps can switch to Platinum Fish
    • All Whales can switch to Platinum Octopus
  • You need to clear Platinum Whale to become Platinum Shark, and clear Platinum Shark to become GGPlatinum.
  • Your one-year Platinum status starts the moment you switch to a Platinum Rank​
  • Points you currently possess will be carried over to your Platinum Rank
  • You will immediately receive random rewards for any wheels you have yet to spin

Switching back to Fish Buffet after becoming a Platinum Rank

  • You can always switch back to regular Fish Buffet to try for a higher level
    • A Platinum Fish will start at Bronze Shrimp
    • A Platinum Octopus will start at Bronze Whale
  • You will receive Platinum rewards for the points you have collected up to the moment.
  • Any uncollected rewards will be credited to your wallet.
  • Your new rank will start with 0 FP
  • You will NOT be able to switch back to Platinum Rank for a period of time equivalent to the time limit of the new Bronze rank. (e.g. If you switch from Platinum Fish to Bronze Shrimp, you will not be able to return to Platinum Fish for 15 days.)

Reward Wheel Probabilities







Terms & Conditions

  1. Killer Whale is a Fish Buffet status only achievable through promotion.
  2. Killer Whale promotion opt-in is available from Jan 15th 00:00:00 to Feb 14th 23:59:59 (PST).
  3. Killer Whale promotion is available for players with Fish Buffet status lower than Platinum Whale.
  4. The remaining Fish Points upon becoming Killer Whale will be given out according to the average cashback rate of the player’s Fish Buffet status prior to opting-in.
  5. Players must meet the age requirement of 18 years or older to participate in this promotion.
  6. The promotion is subject to the terms and conditions of the site.
  7. 7XL reserves the right to modify or suspend the promotion at any time.
  8. 7XL reserves the right to investigate any players that fall under suspicion of fraudulent activity.
  9. Fish Buffet is a permanent promotion.
  10. Players must earn the required amount of Fish Points within a given time limit to unlock that level.
  11. Upon unlocking a level, players can spin a wheel to win various cash rewards. Cash rewards are awarded immediately after the spin lands on a cash prize.
  12. Any remaining Fish Points after unlocking a level will be credited towards the next level.
  13. The default starting level is Plankton, with five higher statuses to achieve: Goldfish, Shrimp, Crab, Octopus, and Whale.
  14. If a player does not meet the Fish Points requirement within the time limit, then the player will be demoted to the previous level.
  15. Should a player earn Fish Buffet points but fail to accumulate the points required to unlock or maintain a level by the end of any given qualification period, that player will receive 10% of the cash value of the points accumulated towards the level at that time. Any points earned during an unsuccessful qualification period are disregarded for the purposes of calculating any subsequent level changes.
  16. In tournaments with overlay, FP will be generated less in correlation with the overlay amount.7XL standard rules apply.

Play Responsibly.