High Rollers

We’ve raised the stakes on our High Rollers. High Rollers now guarantee over $6M per week!

Join us on Sundays for the biggest tournament in online poker:

The $10K Super MILLION$ with $2M Guaranteed.


Monday – Saturday

Event Name DayTime(UTC+00:00) Buy-in Guarantee*
High Rollers: Blade Opener $5K, $100K GTDTue, Thur15:00$5,000$100,000
High Rollers: Battle Royale $ 525, $ 50K GTDMon-Sat16:30$525$50,000
High Rollers: Blade Prime $5K, $100K GTDTue, Thur17:00$5,000$100,000
High Rollers: Super MILLION$ [Final Table]Tue18:00$10,000$2,000,000
High Rollers: Main Event $1K, $100K GTDMon-Sat18:00$1,000$100,000
High Rollers: PLO Main Event $1K, $50K GTDMon-Sat18:30$1,000$50,000
High Rollers: Big Game Hunter $1,050, $50K GTDMon-Sat19:30$1,050$50,000
High Rollers: Blade Mulligan $5K, $100K GTDTue, Thur20:00$5,000$100,000
High Rollers: FAST $500, $15K GTDMon-Sat21:00$500$15,000
High Rollers: Supersonic $525, $15K GTDMon-Sat22:00$525$15,000
High Rollers: Blade Closer $5K, $100K GTD Tue, Thur23:00$5,000$100,000


For Sunday

Event Name Time(UTC+00:00) Buy-in Guarantee*
High Rollers: Blade Opener $5K, $250K GTD15:00$5,000$250,000
High Rollers: Battle Royale $525, $150K GTD16:30$525$150,000
High Rollers: Blade Prime $5K, $500K GTD17:00$5,000$500,000
High Rollers: Super MILLION$, $2M GTD18:00$10,000$2,000,000
High Rollers: Main Event $1K, $150K GTD18:00$1,000$150,000
High Rollers: PLO Main Event $1K, $100K GTD18:30$1,000$100,000
High Rollers: Big Game Hunter $1,050, $150K GTD19:30$1,050$150,000
High Rollers: Blade Mulligan $5K, $500K GTD20:00$5,000 $500,000
High Rollers: Short Deck $500, $10K GTD20:00$500$10,000
High Rollers: Blade PLO $5K, $200K GTD20:30$5,000$200,000
High Rollers: FAST $500, $50K GTD21:00$500$50,000
High Rollers: Supersonic $525, $30K GTD22:00$525$30,000
High Rollers: Blade Closer $5K, $250K GTD23:00$5,000$250,000
High Rollers: Sunday Wrap-Up $500, $40K GTD0:00$500$40,000
High Rollers: Sunday Cooldown $1K, $40K GTD1:00$1,000$40,000

*Please note that tournament prize pool guarantees are subject to change and some amounts listed on this website may not be current; please check the guarantee amounts listed in the tournament lobby of the 7XL app for up-to-date prize pool information.


Various satellites with multiple-seat guarantees will run daily.

Enter the High Roller scene at a cut-rate!

Terms & Conditions

Players must be aged 18 and above to participate in this series.

7XL standard rules apply.