Connect Your Crypto Wallet to Verify Ownership
Display Your NFT as Your Poker Avatar

what is an nft avatar?

NFTs (short for Non-Fungible Tokens) are digital items that you own. Proof of ownership is stored on a blockchain, a digital database that is publicly accessible. NFT profile pictures are displayed in a special hexagonal shape.

Why Connect?

Poker players are known for bringing their swag to the tables. million dollar golden watches, diamond rings, designer brands, you name it, you’ll see it on the felt.

Now it’s time to bring that same swag online. Show the table what you’ve got.


Your avatar at the table will be displayed in a special hexagon frame which will set you apart from the rest. Users will be able to click the avatar for information about the associated NFT including the Price (Eth), Project Name, NFT Name, and the NFT Creator.

How to set an avatar


First, you will need to connect your supported wallet that is holding an NFT that you wish to use as your avatar.

Once you’ve connected your wallet, the NFT information will be imported and confirmed and you will be able to select your NFT to use as your avatar.

Click the NFT Button

Choose your Wallet

Connect your Wallet

Search for the NFT

Set your NFT avatar

Show off your NFT

You should now be able to see a hexagonal shape throughout your profile, which will be an indication to others that you indeed own a verified NFT.

Details & Considerations

We will never request funds from your crypto wallet. You should remain vigilant, and check all incoming requests to your wallet. Don’t accept any transfer requests unless it is a known transaction to you.

Only NFTs registered on OpenSea can be registered as avatars.

Only Ethereum blockchain-based NFTs can be registered.

Most wallets are connected using a connection protocol called WalletConnect, and wallets that are not supported by WalletConnect may not be able to connect.

Most wallets, such as Coinbase and Metamask, can scan QR codes using their mobile wallet apps.

We will never request your private key or seed phrase, and you should never share your private keys or seed phrases anywhere.

If you sell or transfer the NFT in your profile picture, the hexagon shape of the profile picture reverts to a circle. The image remains the same as the NFT you previously owned, but it won’t display any NFT details to suggest ownership. If you’d like to display another NFT, select from your NFTs in your wallet or link another wallet.

If you no longer wish to display an NFT as your profile picture, you’ll simply change your profile picture to remove your NFT.