With Over $22,000,000



$10,300, $5M GTD

Come celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the biggest tournament in poker!
With $5M GTD, this will be one of the richest $10K’s anyone’s ever seen.


Qualify from just $10

Bounty Hunters
High Rollers

Play for the biggest bounties around with $100-200K+ guaranteed daily.
And you can’t miss the $1M GTD Sunday Main Event

High Rollers

$1,050, $1M GTD

The biggest freezeout
in online poker.
One Shot, One Million.

High Rollers
Main Event

The crown jewel of the High Roller’s lineup. Play for $100K~$250K GTD everyday.
And join us for the flagship $1M Sunday Edition Make Day 2 and feel the rush!


  • $15M GTD with over 27 Events (over $500K per event)
  • Buyins starting from $525 and going up to $10,300
  • Special HRW Editions of all of your favorites
  • Can’t miss Sundays with THREE $1 Million GTD Events

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27 Events Schedule

DateDayTime(GMT)Event NameBuy-inGTD
Jun-6Sun16:30Event#1: Bounty Hunters HR Main Event $525, $1M GTD$525$1,000,000
Jun-6Sun17:05Event#2: GGMasters High Rollers $1,050, $1M GTD$1,050$1,000,000
Jun-6Sun18:05Event#27: Super MILLION$ Anniversary $10,300, $5M GTD [Day 1A]$10,300$5,000,000
Jun-6Sun18:05Event#3: Sunday High Rollers ME $1,050, $1M GTD [2-day event]$1,050$1,000,000
Jun-6Sun18:40Event#4: Omaholic Bounty $2,100, $250K GTD$2,100$250,000
Jun-7Mon16:30Event#5: Bounty Hunters HR Special $525, $200K GTD$525$200,000
Jun-7Mon18:05Event#6: Monday Main Event $1,050, $200K GTD [2-day event]$1,050$200,000
Jun-7Mon19:05Event#7: Bounty $2,100, $250K GTD$2,100$250,000
Jun-8Tue16:30Event#8: Bounty Hunters HR Special $525, $200K GTD$525$200,000
Jun-8Tue18:05Event#9: Super Tuesday $1,050, $250K GTD [2-day event]$1,050$250,000
Jun-8Tue18:05Event#27: Super MILLION$ Anniversary $10,300, $5M GTD [Day 1B]$10,300$5,000,000
Jun-8Tue19:05Event#10: High Roller $5,250, $300K GTD$5,250$300,000
Jun-9Wed16:30Event#11: Bounty Hunters HR Special $525, $200K GTD$525$200,000
Jun-9Wed18:05Event#12: Wednesday Main Event $1,050, $200K GTD [2-day event]$1,050$200,000
Jun-9Wed19:05Event#13: Bounty 6-Max $2,100, $250K GTD$2,100$250,000
Jun-10Thu16:30Event#14: Bounty Hunters HR Special $525, $200K GTD$525$200,000
Jun-10Thu18:05Event#15: Thursday Thriller $1,050, $250K GTD [Bounty, 2-day event]$1,050$250,000
Jun-10Thu18:05Event#27: Super MILLION$ Anniversary $10,300, $5M GTD [Day 1C]$10,300$5,000,000
Jun-10Thu19:05Event#16: Bounty High Roller $5,250, $300K GTD$5,250$300,000
Jun-11Fri16:30Event#17: Bounty Hunters HR Special $525, $100K GTD$525$100,000
Jun-11Fri18:05Event#18: Friday Main Event $1,050, $100K GTD [2-day event]$1,050$100,000
Jun-11Fri19:10Event#19: Omaholic Bounty $2,100, $150K GTD$2,100$150,000
Jun-12Sat16:30Event#20: Bounty Hunters HR Special $525, $150K GTD$525$150,000
Jun-12Sat18:05Event#21: Saturday Main Event $1,050, $200K GTD [2-day event]$1,050$200,000
Jun-12Sat18:05Event#27: Super MILLION$ Anniversary $10,300, $5M GTD [Day 1D]$10,300$5,000,000
Jun-12Sat19:05Event#22: Bounty $2,100, $250K GTD$2,100$250,000
Jun-13Sun16:30Event#23: Bounty Hunters HR Main Event $525, $1M GTD$525$1,000,000
Jun-13Sun17:05Event#24: GGMasters High Rollers $1,050, $1M GTD$1,050$1,000,000
Jun-13Sun18:05Event#27: Super MILLION$ Anniversary $10,300, $5M GTD [Day 1E]$10,300$5,000,000
Jun-13Sun18:05Event#25: Sunday High Rollers ME $1,050, $1M GTD [2-day event]$1,050$1,000,000
Jun-13Sun18:40Event#26: Omaholic High Roller $5,250, $300K GTD$5,250$300,000
Jun-14Mon18:05Event#27: Super MILLION$ Anniversary $10,300, $5M GTD [Day 2]$10,300$5,000,000