Payment Details Policy

Card Details Management Policy

GGPoker is concerned with protecting the privacy and integrity of any data that you have agreed to provide us. Please visit the main GGPoker Privacy Policy for further information on the principles and processes we follow.

Information on the data storage of credit cards

In respect to any credit card or other payment processing details you have provided GGPoker, when these details are retained by GGPoker’s payment processing platform in order to facilitate future use, GGPoker commits that this confidential information will be stored in the most secure manner possible.

We are legally obligated to secure your consent to allow GGPoker to store these details for future use. As per GGPoker policy, we cannot process your payment before you agree to this.

If at any time you wish to remove saved card details from your GGPoker account, you can select this option in the GGPoker Cashier.

How long with my card details be stored?

Your card details will be stored for a maximum of eight years; as stated above, if you wish to remove your saved card details at any point, this can be facilitated via the GGPoker Cashier.

How will my stored card details be used?

Your stored card details will be used to facilitate future transactions initiated by you within the GGPoker Cashier.

Can these terms change?

Changes in the permitted use of your card details will require your agreement; as such, if GGPoker need to modify how we use stored card details, we will get in touch to inform you of the change and to request your agreement.