May 31 ~ June 6th 13:00~23:00 GMT

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BIG BOOST Schedule

Time(GMT)Event NameBuy-inAverage GTDGTD Boosted
13:30Bounty Hunters Special $10.50 [BIG BOOST]$10.50$15,000$20,000
16:30Bounty Hunters Daily Main $52.50 [BIG BOOST]$52.50$75,000$100,000
16:30Bounty Hunters Mini Main $5.25 [BIG BOOST]$5.25$17,000$20,000
18:00Daily Main Event $250 [BIG BOOST]$250$59,000$100,000
18:00Daily Mini Main Event $25 [BIG BOOST]$25$29,000$50,000
19:30Bounty Hunters Special $10.50 [BIG BOOST]$10.50$18,000$25,000
21:00Daily Heater $105 [BIG BOOST]$105$32,000$50,000
21:30Bounty Hunters Special $52.50 [BIG BOOST]$52.50NEW$25,000
22:00Day Saver $55 [BIG BOOST]$55NEW$20,000